RHTY&SC’s Patron’s Green Economy Softball bowls off Saturday


The Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) recently launched its first-ever Kares Engineering Patron’s Green Economy Softball cricket tournament at its parent body St. Francis Community Developers Training Centre. The tournament is organised by the Cricket Development Committee of the club in honour of its celebration of the RHTY&SC Patron’s 72nd birthday.

Club Secretary/CEO, Hilbert Foster, disclosed that the tournament would involve 19 teams drawn from across the Ancient County and would bowl off on July 29 at the Hampshire Cricket Ground.

The teams are Set Up, Rising Star Cricket Club, Canje Pathfinders, Force, Grill Master, Fyrish, Shamie Grocery, Toopoo, Rising Star, Letter Kenny, Hustler II, Tain, Chaser, Maida, Hard Knock, Underdogs, Guru XI, Hustler I and Number 64 Marines.

The winning team would take home $500,000 and trophy, the runner-up $300,000 and trophy, third place $100,000 and trophy, while fourth place and Man-of-the-Finals would pocket $50,000 each.

Kares Engineering Inc. is the sponsor of the prizes. The other sponsors are Ministry of the President, S. Jagmohan Hardware Supplies, B.K. International, Bakewell and KSM Investment.

The RHTY&SC would be using the opportunity during the tournament to educate the Berbice public on Climate Change and Guyana’s push for a Green Economy. The ‘Say No to Drugs, Suicide, Alcohol, Crime and Yes to Life, Education, Sports, Religion Message’ would also be promoted to the teams and the general public.

The first round of matches would be played on an eight overs per innings basis, while the third place playoff and finals would be 20 overs. Only ‘round-hand’ bowling would be allowed, while only one non-Berbician would be permitted per team. The four semi-finalists would be uniformed in polo shirts provided by Mahadeo Panchu of KSM Investment. 

The fixtures for the first round were drawn by representatives of the teams and the matches to be played are: Set Up vs Rising Star; Canje Pathfinders vs Force; Grill Master vs Fyrish; Shamie Grocery vs Toopoo; Letter Kenny vs Hustlers II; Tain vs Chaser; Maida vs Hard Knock; Underdogs vs Guru XI; and Hustlers I vs Number 64 Marines. Rising Star Cricket Club of West Berbice has drawn the bye for this round.

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