Security intensified as disturbances erupt at Camp Street Prison


There is an ongoing effort by members of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and prison authorities to pacify a disturbance that has erupted at the Camp Street Prison.

When News Room visited the site moments ago, policemen were entering the prison with handcuffs and chains.

 Crime Chief Wendall Blanhum confirmed that there is a situation at the Georgetown penitentiary involving the prisoners who were transferred from the swampy area by the Lusignan area after the jailbreak of the 13 inmates yesterday.

News Room understands that the high-profile prisoners are banging on the walls of the lone brick building which survived the massive fire on July 9.


News Room was also told that some of the prisoners are attempting to break down a mesh structure within the building.

News Room will provide more details as it becomes available.


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