Camp Street prisoners request games in meeting with Army Chief


Prisoners who were Monday moved back into the Camp Street jail after being held for a while at the Lusignan Prison have requested indoor games.

The request came Tuesday when the prisoners met with the Chief of Staff of the Army and other officials of the Joint Services.

Those who are back at Camp Street are expected to spend most of their day indoors.

Early Monday, they became agitated and engaged in various actions, including banging the walls of the prison.

They also requested from the authorities some added ventilation for the facilities; they also complained that the building needs more lighting.

The “brick prison” is the only building within the walls of the Camp Street jail that was not destroyed when a fire flattened the rest of the facility following an unrest on July 9.

Officials took note of the concerns of the prisoners but they were reminded that the authorities were forced to have them relocated to the area prematurely following the Lusignan breakout on Monday, when 13 prisoners, seven of whom have since been recaptured, escaped by digging a hole under the fence.

The men also asked for some time to be in the yard where they can exercise. That request was also considered by the officials who paid the visit.

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