Modern Coconut Processing Company to Commence Operations Soon


Precision Global Incorporated, a local coconut processing company came in for high praise from Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Office for Investment (GO-Invest), Natalia Seepersaud, when she conducted a site visited of the Precision Global Incorporated facility on Tuesday.

Precision Global Incorporated has been established locally since 2013 and is located at Marudi on the Linden Soeskyde Highway. Vice President of Operations for the Company, Robin Baljeet said that the multimillion dollar company is expected to have their first product out on the market by January 1st, 2018 under the line ‘Only Coconut’.

The Go-Invest Deputy CEO commended the company for their environmentally friendly practices and ‘green sustainability’, “I am very impressed with what I have seen here and I know that they had some setbacks but they have definitely persevered through those,” Seepersaud said.

Baljeet explained that the building of the foundation, clearing and construction of the processing plant began in 2014 and within the two years the company has made “remarkable progress, by acquiring most of the equipment from Canada and the US”.

Seepersaud added that GO- Invest is ‘well pleased’ that this project and investment which brings sustainable development to the community, while providing employment for 140 persons initially. The move to invest in value added products was also lauded by the Deputy CEO, “This is one of the facilities in Guyana that we can be proud of.”

Baljeet noted that the products will be available on local markets and exported overseas. He noted that the establishment of the company is timely, given that the coconut is a healthy product which has been gaining attention around the world especially on Social media.

Some of the products that the company will be producing include coconut oil, flour, charcoal and burkitts. Baljeet pointed out that operations are expected to commence in the next six months while hiring of employees will begin within the coming months.

“We will be hiring persons from the local community. We need about 60 persons per shift to prepare the coconut before the processing, while the company will be purchasing coconuts from local farmers from Essequibo and Berbice. The factory can process 100,000 coconuts per day”, Baljeet said.

The Vice President also thanked Go- Invest for their support and guidance in developing their project. (GINA/DPI)

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