Corentyne woman accuses police of brutlisation


A Coretyne mother of three is accusing the police of brutalising her amid allegations that she was cooking for a prison escapee.

Tillawattie Singh, 38, made damning allegations that the Police in Berbice of severely abused her, including attempting to drown her, following allegations that she had been providing food for Stafrei Alexander, one of the men who escaped from Camp Street Prison on July 9.

Singh told News Room that she begged for her life after a group of ranks took her to a remote area in Babu John and began attacking her. “They took me in the jeep and drove off then stop me at the Port Mourant Hospital Bridge where other police circle the jeep ad they pick them up and they drive down to Babu John by the channel that leads to the sea so some of them come out and ah walk around so I assume like ah bandit escaped and them deh around here so then the one that name Narine seh bring this F-ing lady out the van so I open the door and took out my foot but by time I did that Narine scramble meh by the hair and start cuff meh,” the woman said.

She also alleged that some officers pushed her face in the canal and attempted to suffocate her while others roughly poked guns into her belly. Singh said she was completely taken aback by the actions of the officers and also surprised at the allegations leveled against her as she has no relationship with the escapee. She added that when she questioned the ranks of their action, she was placed in the vehicle and taken to another location where they were joined by other ranks who further assaulted her.

The woman’s son was also arrested as he was accused of being the delivery man. The young man was the one who was escorted to the Backlands in Port Mourant to assist ranks locate the suspect but to date they have failed to find the prison escapee. When contacted, Commander of B Division Paul Williams disclosed that he will have to investigate the allegations made against his ranks. However he said this will take some time as he is new to the Division and the incident took place under the previous commander, Ian Amsterdam. (Royan Abrams)

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