TV stations discuss roadmap for transition to Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting


Broadcasters in Guyana today met to discuss the way forward for Guyana’s transition from analogue to Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting.

All license holders for television broadcasting in Guyana were invited to participate in a very vital consultation on the procedures and roadmap for Guyana’s imminent transition from Analogue to Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting (DTT).

Minister of Public Telecommunications Cathy Hughes noted that while technologies are rapidly developing around the world, Guyana is lagging behind.

The National Frequency Management Unit (NFMU) hosted the Consultation/Workshop. Minister Hughes noted that countries nearby are well ahead of Guyana in the transition from analogue to digital terrestrial broadcasting. French Guiana has completed the process while Suriname is making significant headway.

The “Roadmap” to transition from analogue to digital terrestrial broadcasting was drawn up by the NFMU to guide the conversion process which will allow Guyana to catch up and keep up with fast advancing technologies.

Guyana has until 2020 to make the transition.

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