17-year-old Berbice babysitter killed by reputed husband


Residents of No.2 Village East Canje Berbice were plunged in a state of shock earlier today with the discovery of the body of a teen girl with her throat slit.

Dead: Rosanna Lakhpal

She has been identified as 17-year-old Rosanna Lakhpal, who has been babysitting her neighbours children for some time now. Police Headquarters has identified the girl’s reputed husband – confirmed by News Room as Ryan Singh – as the killer. Homicide detectives are in pursuit of him.

According to information received, the couple had a misunderstanding and this resulted in a fight and the eventual murder.

Nadira Persaud, who lives a street away told the News Room that Rosanna served as the babysitter for her ten and two-year-old when she leaves for work. She said that Rosanna went to her house to pick up the children as usual during the morning.

Persaud’s husband noticed a mark on her hand and asked her about it; her only reply was that it was there for a few days and she left with the children.

She said it not long after her 10-year-old showed up at her place of employment with the baby in arms telling her that the couple was fighting and they were told by the suspect to leave the yard.

Mrs Persaud said he left to go inquire what was happening. Once she arrived, Mrs Persaud said there was clothes burning at the back of the house. She called out for Rosanna but got no replies and so she called her (Rakhi) brother over and they both entered the house and made the bloody discovery.

Rosanna was found lying on the floor in the hall of the apartment covered with sheets and when she pulled away the sheets she noticed Rosanna with a slit to the throat.

She immediately raised an alarm and the teen’s mother was contacted. The Police were subsequently summoned to the scene. The suspect reportedly fled the scene after committing the act.


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