Joint Services quash plans of prison break at New Amsterdam Prison


The Joint Services have raided the New Amsterdam prison and raked in improvised weapons and mobile phones which the Berbice Police Commander says were being used as part of an escape plot.

News Room understands that the officers received information that persons were smuggling the items into the prison and this prompted the Joint Services to conduct the operation and retrieve the items.

When contacted, B Division Commander Paul Williams disclosed that his ranks were informed that an attempt was being made to smuggle weapons and contraband into the New Amsterdam prison in an effort to create disruption.

He said that based on his investigation the items were to be used to create an unrest similar to what occurred at the Camp Street Prison in Georgetown where several prisoners escaped and set the Camp Street Prison on fire on July 09, 2017.

News Room was told that the Guyana Prison Service, the Guyana Fire Service and the Guyana Defence Force were contacted following which a meeting was held and a decision was taken to conduct the raid.

“Prison searches are being done regularly but in view of this information, we immediately mobilised our teams and decided to launch a prison search,” Williams stated.

The recently appointed Commander also noted that heightened security measures will be maintained at the facility and other areas in Berbice. More roadblocks are expected to be set up to prevent an occurrence in Berbice of what took place at the Camp Street facility, the commander added.

Williams is also calling on residents in Berbice to be more cooperative in assisting the Guyana Police Force as it execute its duties.

“We asking them to bear with us and comply. We will ensure that during our exercises and carrying out our duties, we will not make persons uncomfortable or we will not at no time or no stage go beyond the scope and limit to be abusive or any way to cause any problem with our citizens”.

He related that the current “Clean Sweep’ exercise which is presently in place will continue in Berbice until all the prison escapees are recaptured.

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