Woman perishes in ECD fire



Fifty-six year old Amilia Sookdeo, a domestic worker, today was burnt to ashes in her home.

The woman’s home burnt down under circumstances which are not yet clear.

The Enterprise Garden Reserved home went up in flames at approximately 16:00hrs.

Police sources said that the woman was trapped in the house during the fire and after firefighters were finished battling the blaze, they recovered her remains.

The dead woman is said to be an alcoholic. The woman’s husband locked the house and went to the backlands with a friend to pick green mangos.

However the woman was not at home when the man left. It is beleived that the woman broke her way into the house, consumed alcohol and may have also attempted to cook.

The house was completely burnt. The remains of the deceased is at the Lyken Funeral home. (Leroy Smith)

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