Too much resistance from PPP Reg 5 Councillors – President says


President David Granger has called on People’s Progressive Party (PPP) councillors, who are sitting on the Region 5 Regional Democractic Council (RDC), to cooperate and stop being resistant towards the Government.

The President made these comments to the media, after addressing residents on Tuesday at Gibraltar, Fyrish, East Berbice Corentyne during Emancipation celebrations.

During its April statutory meeting by the Region 5 RDC, APNU+AFC councillor, Abel Seetaram had informed that the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Bath/Woodley Park Neighbourhood Democratic Council had been using an excavator belonging to the RDC to do personal work in the area. The issue was raised with the Clerk of the RDC, Ovid Morrison, who visited the location and confirmed that the excavator was indeed being misused. However, in response to the claims, Regional Chairman, Vickram Ramphal asked for photo evidence after which he agreed to launch an investigation.

Following the request, Morrison felt that Ramphal was disrespectful; as such, APNU+AFC councillors stayed away from statutory meetings and demanded that the Regional Chairman apologised to Morrison.

“What has been happening in Guyana is that many of the councils with the PPP majority, they are very uncooperative, sometimes the Minister of Communities would call a meeting and they will not show up, the Regional Chairman wouldn’t show up, the councillors wouldn’t show up, the Mayors wouldn’t show up; that’s what been going on, there is too much resistance by PPP elected councillors and Chairman to the Government of Guyana,” President Granger told the media.

The Guyanese leader urged the aggrieved parties to cooperate for the development of Guyana.

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