Top Cop’s friend tells CoI he “cuss up” CID ranks



By Leroy Smith

Staying clear from admitting that Commissioner of Police, Seelall Persaud “suggested” he be placed on bail on March 29, 2017, Imran Khan today took the stand at the Commission of Inquiry (CoI), which is investigating the alleged plot to assassinate President David Granger.

While on the stand, the businessman told the Commission that on the night of March 29, 2017, he hurled expletives towards ranks of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at Eve Leary after they were not taking a report he wanted to give.

Imran Khan is the brother of Nizam Khan, the man who reportedly attempted to recruit an assassin to kill President Granger. Imran Khan further told the Commission Friday morning that the ranks also used expletives towards him and there were several exchanges of Fu*& and S*#nt between the police and himself.

Khan told the commission that he and Seelall Persaud’s friendship dates back some twelve years and during that period he never asked the police commissioner any favours before he assumed the post or after he became Commissioner of Police. He said that the friendship started with the sharing of intelligence.

Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud

He said that he does not share a similar relationship with any other senior officer within the Guyana Police Force nor does he have any of their phone numbers. When questioned, Khan confirmed also that he and the police commissioner had several telephone calls on the day his brother was taken into custody in connection with the alleged assassination plot.

According to him, none of those calls had to do with the nature of the allegation per-say but rather to inform the Top Cop of what was going on and the fact that the police wanted to search his brother’s home without a search warrant while at the same time failing to say what they wanted to arrest his brother for.

When asked about the “fixing” of police vehicles, Imran Khan said that he does not have a contract with the Guyana Police Force to fix vehicles but some vehicles were fixed by him. He also added that he never received instruction and or request from any senior officer to fix the force’s vehicles but rather, it was the junior ranks, who would bring their vehicles to be fixed.

Asked about the knowledge of the Commissioner of Police about the fixing of these vehicles, the businessman claimed that Persaud was never aware that he did work for the Guyana Police Force. This afternoon, Inspector Narine and Assistant Commissioner of Police David Ramnarine will take the stand. It would be the second time that Ramnarine would be on the stand since the commencement of the COI.

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