Fmr GDF rank surrenders after decapitating uncle


By Leroy Smith

Randolph Seenaught, 51, of 125 Better Hope South, East Coast Demerara is now dead while his 27-year- old nephew, Dwayne Tappin is in the custody of the police.

Tappin, who is the prime suspect in the murder, turned himself over to the police at Sparendaam Police Station hours after the incident. He is said to be a former member of the Guyana Defence Force.

According to information, at 4:00hrs Sunday, neighbours heard loud noise emanating from the house and suspected that something was amiss. They called out for Seenaught but got no response. They immediately contacted the police, who arrived at the scene at approximately 06:00hrs discovered the head of Seenaught in the passageway which leads to the bedroom. Upon conducting further checks, they discovered the man’s headless body on a single mattress in the one bedroom house.
The immediately commenced their investigations and spoke with several persons in the community.

The residents explained that the family has a dispute over a will and land which the dead man’s mother left before she died.

At the scene this morning, the friction among the relatives was evident as they all pointed fingers as to who is to be blamed for the tragedy.

Newsroom understands that Seenaught was also a suspect in the death of a man from the said community.

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