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“No money, no wuk! School gon dutty September!” – cleaners demand better pay


Cleaners attached to public schools across the country are demanding better wages, threatening to abstain from cleaning the buildings for the reopening of the school term in September.

During a protest outside of the Ministry of the Presidency on Tuesday, a group of cleaners chanted “no money, no wuk! School gon dutty September!”, with hopes of grabbing the attention of the authorities to their struggles.

Cleaners protesting for better wages outside of the Ministry of the Presidency

According to the cleaners, majority being females, they are only being paid for three weeks of the July/August holiday – a meager salary of just approximately $9,000.

They complained that they are not paid during holidays throughout the year and that the practice is unfair. The cleaners argued that they too have children to send to school and demanded a review of their wages. (Devina Samaroo)

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