Parking Meters may be re-introduced – King


By Bibi Khatoon

The Controversial Parking Meters Project which was suspended on March 21 may recommence, as the report of the re-negotiation committee has been completed.

After meeting with several sections of society, the parking meters re-negotiation committee has completed its work and submitted a report to the Mayor and Town Clerk, Royston King, who told News Room that he cannot disclose the contents of the report; however a meeting will be held shortly with councillors to deliberate on recommendations made.

“That report is now being studied by me, and the Mayor. I am preparing to distribute that report to all councillors for their consideration and I’m waiting on the Mayor’s instruction to fix a special meeting for full deliberation on the report,” he said.

King reaffirmed that the project is one which is needed in the city to restore order.

“From my part…this particular project is needed in the city, to bring order, to bring stability and to help investors’ confidence in our economy,” he affirmed.

According to King, the Terms of Reference of the committee “did not permit them to say whether it was favourable or unfavourable. The Terms of Reference of the Committee specifically ask them to make recommendations, once they renegotiate and once they have discussions with critical stakeholders.”

The Parking Meters Project was first introduced in January this year. It was later met with widespread protests from drivers and business owners. While some complained about the lack of consultations, others stated that the implementation of the contract in the city have a negative impact on business.

After some back and forth between the Government and City Hall, a decision was taken to suspend the By-laws governing the project. The Guyana Police Force was also involved to protect citizens from Parking meter marshals who were hired to clamp vehicles.

The Parking Meter committee was then organized by the council to meet with stakeholders and filter their position to the Council.

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