Severe decapitation of Rupununi woman resulted from horrific accident – Brazil media


In a bizzare twist of events, while the police were holding a man in custody for the suspected murder of a Guyanese woman in Brazil, it was revealed that she died from a horrific car accident.

Brazil media reported this evening that Barbara Jermome died when she was hit by a Vectra model vehicle that came from Bonfim, eastern Roraima, on Tuesday morning.

According to the Federal Highway Police (PRF), the impact of the crash was so strong that the victim’s body, which is between 60 and 70 years old, was split in half. According to reports in the Brazil media, some pieces of the body, such as one of the feet and the trunk, were scattered in the middle of the highway.

The trampling occurred at the kilometer 95 of BR. According to the PRF, the driver of the vehicle that ran over the elderly woman still ran 13 kilometers coming to a bar. The vehicle was found with the upper body of the victim, who was in the passenger seat.

According to the PRF, the driver of the vehicle fled the site and has not yet been identified. The agents found, however, a number of smuggled goods from Guyana.

Meanwhile, a Brazilian male 68, who shared a relationship with the deceased, was taken into  federal police custody this afternoon. He positively identified the deceased as Barbara Jerome, aged 67.

Barbara, an Amerindian, hailed from Sawariwau  Village, Upper Takutu/Upper Essequibo, Region Nine, had migrated to Brazil and had taken up residence at the time of her demise. The accident had occurred in the vinicity of Toucan, an Amerindian community in the in the Municipality of Bonfim.

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