Rohee warns of State vendetta against top brass in GPF



Former Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee lambasted the government for unconstitutionally instructing the Police Service Commission (PSC) to halt promotions; warning that there is an ulterior motive at hand to get rid of certain senior officers in the Guyana Police Force (GPF).

He argued that the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into the alleged plot to assassinate the President is denigrating reputations of respected officials and is setting the stage for a major shakeup in the hierarchy of the Force.

“It would seem to be that certain ranks are being targeted at the senior management level of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), I can’t say specifically who they are but I don’t think the administration is satisfied with what they’ve inherited from us,” he told a news conference on Wednesday.

Clement Rohee

The CoI has so far revealed major disconnect among the most senior officers of the Force, and Rohee believes this forms part of government’s agenda to insert officials whom they are comfortable with into the helm of the GPF.

“This CoI has been established in order for the government to achieve its objectives to target some ranks and you see it coming out clearly in the CoI where certain ranks are being denigrated in their capacity to deal with investigations, questions are hanging over their heads.”

Rohee also said he was informed that moves are afoot to place more emphasis on the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) and that other units will be merged with the Special Branch of the Force to make it more powerful.

“A witch-hunt is proceeding full speed ahead to get rid of certain leading ranks within the senior management of GPF,” Rohee stated.

Rohee said he was informed that the Major Crimes Unit will be disbanded and changes will be made in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and SOCU will play a greater role in the Force.

He also said the Special Branch will be expanded and merged with other branches in the Force to make it a more powerful body. The politician believes that this new until will be used to monitor the activities of persons of interest and political parties.

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