Suspects escape police road block, toss 50 lbs ‘ganja’


Police are on the hunt for the occupants of a car, who allegedly discarded approximately 50 lbs marijuana after seeing a police road block in front the Weldaad police station, West Coast Berbice on Thursday.

According to a police report, ranks were performing duties at approximately 11:30 hrs when they saw a silver grey Toyota Premio motor car, # PPP 6125 approaching.

The car was found abandoned

However, upon seeing the police road block, the said vehicle turned north into a street. News Room understands that the police then gave chase and observed when the occupants of the vehicle threw two bulky black plastic bags out of the car.

The police retrieved the bags and observed they contained cannabis wrapped with transparent scotch tape. The car was eventually found abandoned. The vehicle and drugs are lodged at the Weldaad Police Station.

Sources have indicated to the News Room that the car was searched and a driver’s license in favour of Abiel Rodrigues of lot 20 West La Penitence, Georgetown was found. Ranks also found vehicle registration and insurance in favour of Jennifer Wilson of Laluni Street Queenstown, Georgetown.The car is jointly owned by the Wilsons.

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