Lawyers test memory of alleged assassin


By Leroy Smith

Andriff Gillard was today recalled to the stand at the Commission of Inquiry which is investigating the plot to assassinate President David Granger.

It was under cross examination today that lawyers Christopher Ram, Glen Hanoman and former Chief Justice Ian Chang tested the memory of Gillard and the creditability of the story he told in relation to the plot to kill the president.

Ram is representing the interest of Imran Khan, the brother of the man who is accused of trying to recruit an assassin; Hanoman is representing the interest of Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud and Chang is representing the interest of the Guyana Police Force.

Under cross examination, Gillard said he refused the offer to kill the president and instead went to the authorities and the media; he was asked about his past encounters with the law and if he believes that he has a mental problem.

Hanoman asked Gillard not to feel offended before proceeding to ask him if he ever took a mental evaluation. Gillard responded in the negative.

He was then asked at different intervals about the many police encounters he had dating back to as far as eight years ago.

Gillard could not readily recall the details of all the cases which were put to him, but there were those that he attempted to explain such as the time he was arrested in Corentyne Berbice and charged with robbery under arms.

Ram came fully prepared with copies of almost every single police matter that Gillard was involved in and in many cases questioned Gillard about these things while only being prepared to accept “yes” or “no” answers.

Khan, who Gillard accused of controlling the “Entire Police Force”, was also present in the public hearing setting throughout the entire testimony of Gillard. He sat behind his counsel as the questions were being put to Gillard.

Gillard at various points during the line of questioning challenged several questions which were being put to him by, Khan, Ram and Hanoman. He was eventually made to provide the answers that the lawyers were seeking.

At several points during the cross examination, Gillard’s responses evoked giggles from spectators and reporters alike, prompting the following exchange between Hanoman and himself.

Hanoman: “I can see you are enjoying the attention.”

Gillard: “I can see you coming around me funny.”

Hanoman: “What is funny?”

Gillard remained silent, and the questioning continued.

Additionally, the Commission has decided to have Deputy Crime Chief Senior Superintendent Reshi Dass, and Lloyd Adams be recalled to the stand. The Police legal Adviser will also be called to the stand next week.

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