Ram warns that findings of CoI may be challenged


By Leroy Smith

Attorney-at-Law, Christopher Ram has put Former Assistant Commissioner of Police, Paul Slowe on notice that the findings of the Commission of Inquiry (Coi) into the alleged plot to assassinate President David Granger may be challenged, if the Commission fails to take certain pertinent applications into consideration.

Ram is representing the interest of Imran Khan [the brother of the man who reportedly sought an assassin to kill the president], while Slowe is sitting as Chairman of the CoI.

Ram and Glen Hanoman made several applications to the Commission, some of which are presently under consideration and others which were denied. The lawyers had requested for Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan to take the stand, however this application was denied by the CoI chairman; the other applications include: for the Police Legal Adviser to the take the stand, [this is under consideration by the commission] and for the commission not to close the public hearing of the CoI – this is also under consideration.

Hanoman, who is representing the interest of Police Commissioner (ag), Seelall Persaud, said that there is need for the Police Legal Adviser to be called to the stand as many of the decisions which were taken by the police were done based on the advice of the police legal adviser.

He further stated that the CoI has an obligation to ensure a thorough probe into the alleged assassination plot; he said that while the police are being blamed for not conducting a thorough probe, it would be unfortunate if the Commission is also accused of the same.

Among other persons being sought to either appear or reappear before the CoI are Senior Superintendent Reshi Dass, who according to Hanoman, made some disparaging comments during his testimony and a witness who claimed that a report which was taken by the CoI investigator, does not reflect what he said.

Hanoman reminded that given the terms of reference of the “one man commission,” it has the power to make recommendations which could include but may not be limited to police officers being transferred, lose their benefits and be charged criminally among other things.

Another application was made for the Commissioner of Police and Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhum and others to have a chance to come back to the commission and explain why actions should not be taken against them.

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