Prison officer attacked by inmate at New Amsterdam Prison


A prison officer attached to the New Amsterdam Prison was rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital to seek medical attention after he was attacked by an inmate on Wednesday.

According to information reaching the News Room, at the time of the incident, the prison officer was transferring the inmate, who is said to be an elderly murder accused, to another location inside of the prison following a brawl he had with another inmate.

During a telephone interview, Director of Prison, Gladwin Samuels disclosed that the officer was relocating the inmate when the inmate grabbed and broke a pipe which he used to stab the officer to the left arm.

An alarm was then raised and other prison officers were alerted; they managed to get the situation under control and took the injured officer to the hospital, where he received several stitches for the wound and was subsequently discharged. Police are investigating the matter.

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