Shots fired during murder attempt at Lusignan Prison


Five prisoners were rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital under heavy security to seek medical attention following a brawl which erupted at the Lusignan Prisons.

News Room was reliably informed that several prisoners attempted to kill another prisoner.

This resulted in groups fighting and in the process a number of them attempted to scale the inner fence of the facility, forcing prison officers to discharge rounds in the air.

None of the prisoners were injured as a result of shots which were discharged but they did receive injuries from the barbed wire on the fence they attempted to scale.

In addition to the five prisoners who are being treated at the Georgetown Public Hospital, at least one other prisoner is being treated in-house at the prisons for minor injuries.

Thus far all of the prisoners have been accounted for. Contacted this evening, Director of Prisons Gladwin Samuels confirmed the incident and stated that the situation has been brought under control.

Meanwhile, an official statement issued later in the evening noted that several prisoners in Holding Bay 2 of the prisons, scaled a fence and entered Holding Bay 1 with the stated intention of killing a fellow prisoner who they apparently consider to be an informant to prison authorities.

Shots were fired in the air by the prison authorities to restore order. No prisoner was injured by shots fired however a total of 18 prisoners were injured, mainly from razor wire. Five prisoners were sent to the Georgetown Public Hospital for treatment to serious but not life threatening injuries sustained from the razor wired atop the fence separating the holding areas. The targeted prisoner is unharmed and has been placed in main Lusignan Prison.

Prisoners who were injured and treated at Lusignan Prison: Calvin George, Saddash Singh, Nick Skeete, Suresh Ganesh, Omar Williams, Lendroy Stephens, Kevin Cumberbatch, Ajit Jittall, Ryan Gopaul, Anthony Persaud, Ryan Banistes and Jayishwar Dhanai.

Prisoners who were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital for treatment: Linden Lewis, Abdul Akeem, Anthony Joseph, Travis Sobers and Adrian Edwards.

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