‘We’re sorry’ – Lusignan prisoners hand over weapons


Prison staff at the new holding area of the Lusignan prison reported for duty Saturday morning and were greeted by prisoners, who apologised for the brawl at the penitentiary Friday night, which left 18 inmates injured.

Prison Director (ag), Gladwin Samuels reported to the media that the prisoners thanked the officers for not directing the shots at them last night, even though they misbehaved. Following the apology, the prisoners handed over 33 improvised weapons made from various materials that were used to construct the holding area.

“In our continuous efforts to maintain security at the Prisons, we remain vigilant and remind prisoners not to damage the property of the Government,” the Prison Director said.

News Room had reported that several prisoners in Holding Bay 2 of the prisons, scaled a fence and entered Holding Bay 1 on Friday night, with the stated intention of killing a fellow prisoner who they considered to be an informant to prison authorities.

Shots were fired in the air by the prison authorities to restore order. No prisoner was injured by shots fired however a total of 18 prisoners were injured, mainly from razor wire. Five prisoners were sent to the Georgetown Public Hospital for treatment to serious but not life threatening injuries sustained from the razor wired atop the fence separating the holding areas. The targeted prisoner is unharmed and has been placed in main Lusignan Prison.

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