Woman died saving her 2 children in Reg 7 storm



By Devina Samaroo

The woman who perished in the turbulent storm in Region Seven on Friday last did so while attempting to save her two children.

Dead is 29 – year old Marsha Jordan of Jawalla Village in Upper Mazaruni where the storm had hit during mid – afternoon. Her two children survived. Several other residents suffered minor injuries and approximately 12 houses were destroyed in the incident.

Some of the destruction caused by the storm

Regional Chairman, Gordan Bradford told the News Room that an average of 2000 persons reside in the community. He said as a result of the storm, the village’s antenna was torn down making it even more difficult to communicate with persons there.

Bradford confirmed that the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) has completed their assessment of the storm-hit area and supplies will begin arriving today.

The Regional Chairman was unable to say how many persons were directly affected but he estimated that with 5 persons per household and with 12 homes destroyed, then about 60 persons are displaced.

Supplies would include food hampers and other equipment necessary to rebuild the wrecked homes.  Minister within the Ministry of Indigenous People’s Affairs Valerie Garrido Lowe along with regional officials and a CDC delegation are expected to visit the community today.

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