Guyana Chronicle slapped with another $2B lawsuit


The State newspaper, the Guyana Chronicle was today slapped with an additional $2B lawsuit by a multinational company, Pasha Global over the series of articles recently published which they believed slandered the firms’ reputations.

This lawsuit comes on the heels of similar proceedings filed by local businessman Clifton Bacchus who was also aggrieved by the articles published by the Chronicle. He too sued for in excess of $2B.

The Chronicle in its articles said Bacchus’ Sleepin Hotel and Casino operations here are funded by Bhagwandath ‘Bidjay’ Parmasar of Pasha Global and Yokohama Trading Company. The articles insinuated the companies are involved in illicit activities.

Nigel Williams, Editor-in-Chief of the Guyana Chronicle

The Company also filed for an injunction restraining the Defendants listed as the Guyana National Newspapers Limited and the Guyana Chronicle from publishing any statement whatsoever of and concerning the Claimant which suggests or tend to suggests or convey the impression that the Claimant is engaged in, connected to, associated with and/or funded by money laundering, drug trafficking and/or drug smuggling and/or from any criminal conduct and/or from criminal proceeds derived from illicit and/or criminal activities.

According to court documents seen by the News Room, Pasha Global said its reputation, name, brand and goodwill and that of the chain of which it is a part have been seriously injured and tarnished both locally and across the globe as a result of the Guyana Chronicle’s publications.


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