QC boy cops 24 grade one passes and 1 grade two pass at CSEC

Zulfikar Baksh

Queen’s College copped the top three places at this year’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Examination, followed by two students of the Saraswati Vidya Nakitan Secondary school, making up the top five candidates.

Coming in first place is 16-year-old Michael Bhopaul, a student of Queen’s College who copped 24 grade ones and one grade two at the examination.

Bhopaul expressed satisfaction with his results. He told Newsroom that “it wasn’t difficult as a lot of persons think because I was consistent in my preparations so when it came onto exam time, or even when I had to do SBAs, it wasn’t very difficult. It becomes easy once you’re consistent in your preparations.”

Reshawn Cummings

Coming in second place with 19 grade ones is Rawleeta Barrow, also of Queen’s College. Her “most overwhelming emotion is gratitude” she said. She admitted that “it was quite difficult because there were so many obstacles that you don’t expect going into it” but says she’s happy to have made it through.

“I studied really hard, it was a lot of time, it was a lot of money, it was a lot of effort, long hours, but I am glad that I did it because I am successful now,” Barrow added.

Rawleeta Barrow

Third place candidate is Roshawn Cummings who copped 16 Grade ones. “I am happy and proud of myself. Most of all, I’d like to thank god, and everyone who helped me to achieve this because without them, it wouldn’t really be possible,” Cummings told Newsroom.

Coming in fourth was Keshini Digamber with 16 Grade ones and 1 Grade three, followed by Shontel Archer with 15 grade Ones, 3 grade twos and 1 grade three; both of the Saraswati Vidya Nakitan Secondary school.

Nicholas Headley of Anna Regina Secondary came in sixth with 15 Grade ones and 2 Grade twos. The young man says he’s “very elated and excited” about his performance. Relating to the exams, he said, “I can’t say it was very very challenging but I can’t say it’s very very easy, just like a nice spicy mixture in between.”

Nicholas Headley

Seventh place was awarded to Jelena Arjune of Queen’s College who achieved 14 Grade ones and 4 Grade twos.

Anna Regina Secondary also captured eight place with Zulfikar Baksh attaining 14 Grade ones and two grade twos at the exams. While disclosing that he expected to attain all Grade one passes, he said he is still “very delighted” with his performance.


26 Candidates achieved 12 or more Grade ones at the 2017 CSEC Examinations.

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