45 persons to lose job after City Hall ends contract with Cevons, Puran Bros


Forty – five persons will now be plunged into the unemployment bracket after City Hall terminated its contracts with two major garbage collecting services. The contracts were terminated after the firms raised concerns with the huge debt they were owed by the municipality.

According to a statement from Cevons Waste Management, it can no longer shoulder all of the responsibilities associated with the delivery of the service including workers’ wages when there will be no work for them and in light of the millions owed by City Hall.

The workers will be dismissed effective September 1.

“Where sustained delinquency in terms of payments for services obtain, the viability of the business is threatened,” the statement outlined.

Cevons and Puran Brothers Disposal Inc were jointly owed over $300M by City Hall for works dating as far back as 2015.

Earlier this month, the two firms signaled their intention to suspend their services until City Hall honoured its debt but instead, the Georgetown Mayor and City Council responded by terminating their contracts.

City Hall eventually resorted to hiring several small contractors to avoid a garbage pile-up.

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