Keith Scott says prepared to resign if he tolerates companies breaching labour law


Minister with responsibility for Labour, Keith Scott today called out several companies which exploit workers and which are in breach of the Labour Act. During a seminar with private security service providers hosted at the Ministry’s boardroom on Thursday, he said that the Government is prepared to spend “unlimited” sums of money to defend workers.

Scott pointed out that there are a number of companies who blatantly refuse to respond to invitations from the Labour Department to settle disputes.

“There have been employers when my officers summons them either by telephone or letters, they have seen in their estimation fit not to attend. They believe they can take my officers for granted. This Minister is not of that ilk,” Scott said.

The Minister said he will not tolerate such behaviour from any company.

“I had occasion to haul RUSAL over the coals because when I called them, they thought they could afford not to come to this Minister. This Minister will never accept that from any company, whether it is overseas or local. The day I do that, I am prepared to submit my resignation,” he told the gathering on Thursday.

The Labour Minister said he is looking to amend the Act, to mandate companies to attend meetings with the Department. (Bibi Khatoon)

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