1 critical after struck down in Barnwell


One man is now in a critical condition after he was struck down this afternoon by a motorcar in Barnwell, East Bank Essequibo (EBE).

News Room understands that the driver of the motor car, PTT 7060 was traveling east on the roadway when the victim and two friends ran in front of the moving vehicle.

The victim on the road near the vehicle involved in the crash. (Fareeza Haniff photo)

The incident occurred around 15:30hrs.

The man, who was believed to have been consuming alcohol, suffered head injuries while the vehicle’s windscreen was damaged.

The driver of the vehicle told News Room that there was little he could have done when he noticed what was happening as the men came out of nowhere.


Witnesses have corroborated the driver’s account of what transpired.

The driver and the two other occupants of the vehicle spent approximately 15 minutes arguing about whether they should take the victim to a hospital as they were concerned about their car seat being stained with blood.

Eventually, the body was placed into the damaged vehicle and transported to a health institution.

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