Berbice teen stabbed to death, suspect arrested


Police have arrested a 44-year-old man of Williamsburg, Corentyne Berbice, who allegedly wounded two brothers during a fight, resulting in the death of one.

According to a police report, the suspected murder weapon, a knife, has been retrieved; the incident occurred at approximately 2:20hrs Sunday. Dead is 19-year-old Vishram Mohabir, a labourer of 258 Williamsburg, Corentyne. Police said that Vishram saw when the suspect wounded his [Vishram] 30-year-old brother, Kunal Singh during a scuffle and he [Vishram] intervened.

As such, the suspect allegedly stabbed Vishram twice to his neck – one to the right and one to the left side. The brothers were rushed to the Port Mourant Public Hospital where Kunal Singh was treated and sent away and Vishram was transferred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where he died about 05:00hrs, while receiving treatment. Investigations are continuing.

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