School dropouts among five arrested for Gas Station robbery


Five persons, including two school dropouts, have been arrested in connection with the robbery of two pump attendants on August 19 at a gas station in New Amsterdam, Berbice.

Police said a toy gun, a cutlass, and a hooded jersey were among the items found in possession of some of the suspects.

According to a police statement, the suspects are all from New Amsterdam and they will be charged and arraigned before a magistrate soonest.

News Room had reported that the employees: 32-year-old Prakash Seenarine and 21-year-old Darren Reddy – were on duty at the gas station when they were confronted by two of the bandits, one armed with the handgun, while another was serving as a look out.

The bandit with the gun held Seenarine and Reddy at gunpoint and demanded money. Seenarine handed over $86,000 which he had in his possession at the time. The bandits then made good their escape on foot.

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