Teen recounts fatal stabbing of brother, witnesses debunk story


By Royan Abrams

While a family is mourning the death of 30-year-old Vishram Mohabir of Williamsburg, Corentyne Berbice, there are contradicting stories as to who started the fight which ended with Mohabir being stabbed to death during the wee hours of Sunday.

Mohabir’s younger brother, 15-year-old Kunal Singh was also stabbed several times but managed to survive the knife attack, which was allegedly committed by a 44-year-old man identified as ‘Ivor’, also from Williamsburg. News Room understands that the suspect remains in police custody and the murder weapon has been recovered.


At his home earlier today, the injured school dropout, was skeptical about speaking with the media, however he subsequently revealed that at the time of the incident at about 3:00hrs, he and his brother were headed home when they were attacked by the suspect, who was reportedly under the influence of alcohol.

The teenager said he was first stabbed to his hands after which his brother intervened and was stabbed to his neck.

“He [the suspect] and our neighbour had some problem on the road and I was at the ‘Back to School’ party at Highest Grade Wash Bay and I came home to drop off my bicycle and returned to collect my brother. While I was going, he [the suspect] start stabbing me on my hands and I informed my brother and when he come, he [the suspect] stabbed him on his neck,” the 15-year-old recalled.

News Room also spoke with the victims’ mother, Devika Ramjatt, who was in tears. According to the woman, after she received the dreadful news, she went to the hospital where she saw her son vomiting blood and asked him what transpired. She related that his only word to her was “mom,” after which he died.

Mother: Devika Ramjatt

“He left home like 5:30 [pm] yesterday (Saturday) dress up and asked me if he look good and I told him yes and that was the last time I saw him alive. He said he was going and play pools with his friends them. He is a quiet person and he do not make trouble with anybody even if is his last dollar he has in his pocket and you ask him he will give anybody,” the grieving mother said.

The brothers were the aggressor

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses gave a different account of what transpired. The News Room was informed that the teenager and his now dead brother had attacked the suspect at an event along the Williamsburg Public Road.

According to reports reaching the News Room, because the suspect was outnumbered, he refused to retaliate and ran towards a crowd which was at the ‘Back to School’ party also along the Williamsburg Public Road.

The scene of the fatal stabbing

News Room was told that upon seeing the crowd and in an attempt to seek refuge from the trashing he received from the teen and his brother, the suspect whisked out a knife and dealt the teen several stabs to his hands.

The teenager’s brother continued to pursue the suspect when he was fatally stabbed. A police patrol, which was close by, picked up both brothers and rushed them to the Port Mourant Public Hospital where the teen was treated and sent away and the brother was transferred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where he died moments later.

Editor’s note: The Guyana Police Force in a release earlier today, had stated that the deceased was 19-years-old. However, this was refuted by the mother, who provided News Room with the victim’s correct age.

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