Primary schools require urgent water treatment – GWI 


With the commencement of a new academic year, the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) discovered that there is an urgent need for water treatment at various primary schools in Georgetown.

GWI said in a statement that samples were taken from 15 primary schools in an effort to assess the microbial quality of the water and it was found that many of the tanks required urgent cleaning.

Those schools that need urgent cleaning are F.E. Pollard Primary, Redeemers Primary and North Georgetown Primary.

GWI urged however that whilst these locations require urgent attention, routine cleaning is still recommended at all locations to prevent any growth of pathogenic organisms.

Based on other findings, GWI said it will also investigate the Agricola Primary to see whether any contamination may be occurring along the distribution to this school.

Moreover, the utility company said the tanks at the South Ruimveldt and St Stephens Primary also require cleaning due to unsatisfactory water quality. GWI said this water quality monitoring exercise is ongoing and secondary schools are next on the agenda.

As these exercises are completed, GWI said in a statement that it will be publishing the results of the water quality tests.  GWI said a detailed list of schools has been provided by the Ministry of Education, so that the exercise can systematically cover all of the nursery and primary schools within the various regions.

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