Update: 2 arrested for harbouring Varswyck, ‘Smallie’; gun, ammo, gas mask found


Ranks of the Guyana Police Force have arrested two persons for reportedly harbouring notorious wanted men – Uree Varswyck known as Malcolm Gordon and Mark Royden Durant a/k Royden Williams and Smallie.

The gun and ammo found at the scene

Varswyck, one of the remaining four prison escapees, was mortally wounded during an armed confrontation about 23:45h Thursday night, in Central Amelia’s Ward, Linden during a Joint Services intelligence -led operation.

The gas mask which was found

A police release noted that a 9 MM pistol with forty live rounds, a haversack and cloth bag containing medications, a gas mask, military camouflage clothing, toiletries and a cellular phone were found next to his body.

During the intelligence-led operation Varswyck and Mark Royden Durant, who is another prison escapee, were seen in the Central Amelia’s Ward Area and as the police approached, they opened fire and fled. The police returned fire, resulting in the demise of Varswyck, whose body is presently at the Wismar Hospital Mortuary.

Food supplies which the police found

A relentless pursuit is continuing regarding Royden Williams. Varswyck had on a camouflage vest and a pair of military booths at the time of his death. Varswyck and Mark Royden Durant are said to be the masterminds behind the July 9, 2017 Camp Street prison fire and escape, which resulted in the death of a prison officer.

Williams was on death row for the Bartica Massacre while, Varswyck, who is also a former cop, was on remand for murder.

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