Civil Aviation working to restore shuttle operations


At least one airline will be able to resume shuttle operations in the coming week, according to the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).

The Aviation Authority suspended all shuttling operations into interior regions in light of three recent aircraft accidents, until operators have submitted documented procedures and policies for review and approval.

However, representative of the Amerindian People’s Association (APA) subsequently told News Room that school children from Chenapou and Karisparu attending school in Mahdia are left stranded, as the main way out of those communities is by air; the other possible routes are treacherous and would take days.

The GCAA noted that it is aware of the socio-economic impact of the suspension especially on hinterland residents and officials are working around the clock to evaluate submissions made by operators.

The GCAA has adopted the International Civil Aviation Organization five phase process for approval of operator’s manual on shuttle operations. The process entails 1) Pre-application phase, 2)Application phase, 3)Document evaluation, 4)Demonstration and Inspection and 5)Certification.

To date, the authority said submissions were received from National Air Transport Association (NATA) and Trans Guyana Airways.

“All day today (September 2, 2017), the Authority’s Flight Operations Inspector was aboard Trans Guyana Airways flight conducting demonstration inspection to ensure documented procedures are observed by the operator. Inspections were conducted on flight operations into Olive Creek, Blake Slater and Kamarang aerodromes,” the authority said in its statement.

It added that based on the demonstration inspection, Trans Guyana Airways is required to amend their manual after which certification of their shuttle operations should be completed on or before Wednesday, September 6, 2017.

Meanwhile, the GCAA noted that it is working with the other operators to bring their operations into compliance for them to be certified for shuttle operations.

The Authority also promised to continue its increased surveillance of Air Operators.

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