CPG officer, teenaged son arrested over stabbing incident


By Royan Abrams

The police in Berbice are investigating a stabbing incident which involves a Community Policing Group (CPG) officer, his 16-year-old son and an estate employee.

The injured man has been identified as 25-year-old Sahadeo Basdeo of Back Street, Edinburg, East Bank Berbice while the CPG officer, whose only name was given as “Lil man,” and his teenaged son have been arrested and placed into custody at the Central Police Station.

News Room understands that the incident occurred at about 22:30hrs on Saturday, September 02, 2017 at Edinburg following a confrontation between Basdeo and the CPG officer.

According to information reaching the News Room, several months ago Basdeo was accused of providing a counterfeit $1,000 bill to a teenager in the area. This was reported to the CPG officer who had made effort to address the issue. But on Saturday, after hearing that another villager was looking for Basdeo to address the same issue, the CPG officer, armed with a beer mug, confronted Basdeo and an argument ensued.

According to the information reaching the News Room, the CPG officer allegedly lashed Basdeo in the head with the beer mug, causing him to fall to the ground. It is further alleged that the 16-year-old son of the CPG officer, who was in the area, rushed towards Basdeo and began stabbing him about his body.
During an interview with reporters at his home on Sunday afternoon, Basdeo disclosed that he was stabbed seven times by the teenager.

“I was out on the road and “Lil Man” come and tell me that some man looking for me about some counterfeit money so went to the boy to find is what because him and I are friends but “Lil Man” come back and said look how y’all could get y’all dead so I asked what I did and he lash me with a bottle to my head,” the injured man related.

He disclosed that the CPG officer punched him and he retaliated by cuffing him to the face. “It was then that he son come and start stabbing me up after his father get up and hold me down.” An eyewitness revealed that this is not the first time that the CPG officer has been involved in such an incident. She recalled that on numerous occasions he would threaten persons in the area. She added that because the CPG officer is a licensed firearm holder, he would harass persons in the area.

Following last night’s incident, the police were called in and Basdeo was escorted to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where he was treated and sent away. The CPG officer and his son remain in custody.

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