Kako Primary School opening delayed due to storm


Students of Kako Primary School in Region Seven will not be able to attend school tomorrow (Monday, September 04, 2017) as a result of Saturday’s storm. This was revealed by the Department of Public Information (DPI).

Regional Chairman, Region Seven, Gordon Bradford told News Room earlier today that the school is among several other buildings and homes damaged during the 25 minutes storm.

DPI said the rain completely soaked school records and there was water damage to the school itself, noting that a Regional team is in the community making an assessment to begin repairs shortly. It also pledged efforts to ensure school can reopen as soon as possible.

Records at the school were destroyed

The number of buildings affected has now been increased to 16 with six completely destroyed.

This morning the Village Toshao, Casey Hastings reported that while the region has been seeing increased winds and rain during the current Hurricane season, last evening was the worst. He disclosed that there were no injuries but “we had some narrow miss, zinc blew off and narrowly miss some people.”

As the rebuilding efforts are ongoing, the Regional Chairman told News Room that the focus is to create structures which can withstand high winds; a condition that has been increasing in the Mazaruni district as of recent.

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