Authorities assist prisoners to contact family ‘legally’


The Guyana Prison Service this evening release the following statement:


Dear Members of the Public,

Please be informed that efforts are being made to allow family members and friends to communicate with prisoners legally. Following the July 9, 2017 Jail Break, Murder and Arson at the Georgetown Prison, legal forms of communication were disrupted.

In the table below, the various Prison locations and numbers are represented so as to facilitate contact. It is recommended that you use the numbers provided to communicate with prisoners. Any requests made for credit transactions should be reported to 2256003, as this is prohibited.

Mazaruni Prison Sibley Hall New Holding area Lusignan Lusignan Prison G/town New Amsterdam Timehri
647-9690 647-9658 651-5870 651-5986 651-6045 333-3658 261-2236
647-9689 647-9673 651-1564 651-5948 651-1523
627-5184 655-7711 651-1578 650-7685
650-7685 655-1560


In the table below, the scheduled timings of contact in relation to the various prison locations are represented. Note that National Holidays are excluded.

Prison Location Time and Days
Mazaruni and Sibley Hall Monday- Friday (13:00-15:00 hrs)
New Holding Area Lusignan and Lusignan Prison Monday-Friday (9:00-15:00 hrs)
Georgetown Prison Monday- Friday (9:00-15:00hrs)
New Amsterdam Prison Tuesdays and Thursdays (9:00-15:00hrs)
Timehri Prison Monday-Friday(8:00-15:30 hrs)


The Guyana Prison Service hopes that this initiative will benefit families and loved ones as intended. Visits are expected to commence on or before Friday, September 8, 2017 at the New Holding Area Lusignan and Lusignan Prisons. An official release will be provided.


Gladwin Samuels, DSM

Director of Prisons (ag)


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