Parents worried for children’s safety over makeshift bridge


Children attending the Golden Fleece Primary School, Essequibo now have to cross a wobbly makeshift bridge after the original structure collapsed some three weeks ago and parents are extremely worried about the safety of the children.

A group of concerned mothers staged a protest at the village on the Essequibo Coast to grab the attention of the relevant authorities to address the distressing situation. One of the parents told News Room that the original structure was sinking and it was eventually broken down to pave the way for the construction of a new walkway but this never materialized.

The makeshift bridge which creates a safety concern for parents.

Instead, two planks of woods were slapped together to create a feeble makeshift bridge, connecting those residing in the Golden Fleece Estate and the primary school. Parents are contending that this is the only reasonable access to the educational institution as the other possible routes are too far or underdeveloped trails.

Another parent argued that children could get “eye-turn and fall in” by crossing the bridge and looking into the water when it is flowing with full force.

Vice Regional Chairperson Nandranie Coonjah, in an invited comment, told News Room that she met with a group of concerned parents today and has already contacted the contractor requesting he construct a temporary bridge with rails until the permanent structure can be put in place.


Asked why no progress has been made since the original structure was torn down, Coonjah said the contractor had some issues with the excavation works. The Vice Chairperson could not say when the deadline for the project is, however she assured that the contractor “has time.”
Coonjah is hopeful that a stable structure will be erected by Tuesday.

See below a video of concerned parents complaining about the makeshift bridge.

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