Skeldon Hospital blamed for death of 3-year-old girl


By Royan Abrams

A Corentyne mother of three is pleading for justice into the death of her 3-year-old daughter who died days after being removed from the Skeldon Public Hospital, where it is claimed medication was administered for a condition she did not have.

Selena Samaroo of Line Path Skeldon, Corentyne died on August 31st, while receiving treatment at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Her grieving mother, 25-year-old Rovini Bissoondai told the News Room that on her daughter felt ill early August and was first taken to a private hospital where she was informed that the child had been suffering from flu after she had been complaining about pains about her body.

Grieving mother, Rovini Bissoondai

News Room was told that a week later, the child’s condition worsened and she was taken to another private doctor who informed the family that the child had issues breathing and is in a critical condition and that family members should take her at the Skeldon Public Hospital immediately.

According to the mother, while there, the child was admitted and spent almost three weeks and was given two injections per day with no proper diagnosis given to family members by the doctors who had conducted several tests on the child.

According to Bissoondai, family members began to worry and asked to have the child self-discharged from the Skeldon Public Hospital in order to take her to a private hospital but doctors refused to grant the parents’ request.

The family insisted on removing the child, and when they did they were reportedly attacked by three nurses. Nevertheless, the child was removed and rushed to the Woodlands Private Hospital in Georgetown where she was diagnosed with tuberculosis and doctors there informed family members that the child had been treated with wrong medication and had her transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where she died.

When contacted, the director of the Regional Health Services Jevaughn Stephen could not give a comment on the issue as he he was not fully briefed on the situation.

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