Another storm wreaks havoc in Reg.7


By Devina Samaroo

In less than a month, a third storm has wreaked havoc in an Amerindian settlement in Region Seven.

The village of Waramdong was attacked by fierce winds and heavy rainfall around 13:15hrs on Wednesday, resulting in extreme damages to homes and other structures.

The mattresses in the dorm were soaked by the storm.


Children residing in the dormitory at Desiree Caesar-Fox Secondary School are now left without a place to sleep as all mattresses have been completely soaked by the rain.

When contacted by the News Room, Regional Chairman, Gordon Bradford could not comment on the extent of the damages but assured that officers will be visiting the community to conduct an assessment on Thursday.


He explained that in order to get to the village, one would have to travel from Bartica to Ogle, board a flight to Kamarang and then proceed by boat.

Two Region Seven communities – Kako and Jawalla – have already experienced some levels of destruction from freak storms, claiming one life in the process.


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