Trans Guyana could resume shuttle operations today


By Devina Samaroo

Domestic carrier Trans Guyana is likely to be given the green light to resume shuttling operations today as the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority continues to rigorously assess the policies and procedures of other operators involved in this type of commercial operation.

GCAA’s Public Communications Officer Rashan Reid said Trans Guyana was the first operator to submit all the necessary documents for review and that the inspectors have already conducted all requisite checks.
Reid told News Room that Trans Guyana was asked to make some amendments to its procedures and the documents will most likely be submitted tomorrow for final approval.

He added that the other operators have submitted some documents but the Authority requested the inclusion of additional materials.

Once all necessary paperwork is submitted, inspections will be conducted and approval granted until the suspension is lifted in its entirety.

The GCAA adopted the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) five-phase approval process which involves the pre-application phase, then the application phase, document evaluation, demonstration and inspection and certification.

The Authority had suspended shuttle flights in the interior as part of its investigation into the three plane crashes over the past two months which claimed the lives of two local pilots.

This suspension resulted in teachers and children in the interior regions being stranded as they depended on the shuttle flights to get to school.

Operators also raised concerns about the financial losses they will suffer as a result of the temporary ban.
This is the first time the GCAA is moving to document and certify operators involved in shuttling.

According to the Authority’s Director General Egbert Field, the activity was sparse just a few years ago but since it has blossomed tremendously and in light of the horrendous accidents which occurred during shuttle flights, it is imperative that efforts now be made to regularize the operation.

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