Fmr. LINMINE employees receive land titles after 25 years


Former employees of the Linden Mining Enterprises Limited (LINMINE) have received titles to the lands they have been occupying after a 25-year long wait. According to a statement from the Ministry of the Presidency, a process was initiated since in the 1960s to sell these properties to employees.

The titles were handed over by Minister of State, Joseph Harmon at a simple handing over ceremony held at Watooka House. The statement related that there were a number of employees, who had signed sales agreements, but the titles were never transferred to them, due to various legal obstacles. However, those cases were eventually settled.

Quoting Minister Harmon, the Ministry said “the delay in granting these titles was also due to the fact that no work was done to grant the titles by the previous administration even though the processes were completed and vesting orders were published.”

It was noted that the process was initiated last year after a visit to the location where residents complained about the situation. Subsequently, it was added that a meeting was held with National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) since the lands were transferred to NICIL in 2005 by a by vesting order.

Minister of State, Mr. Joseph Harmon presents the titles for the lands to residents of Upper Demerara- Berbice (Region Ten)


Two of the beneficiaries, Mr. Morris Reece and Ms. Bibi Ameena spoke to the Ministry of the Presidency expressing their gratitude for the completion of the process which makes them legal owners of the land they have been occupying.

Minister Harmon, according to the statement said this exercise is part of a process of regularisation of land and property issues across Guyana by the Administration.

The Minister believes the granting of titles to establish rightful ownership to deserving persons will help to improve their quality of lives and the status of their communities.  He promised that “The Government along with all stakeholders will bring closure and resolve these issues in relation to land that has remained unresolved for many years,” according to the statement.

Meanwhile, Mr. Horace James, Chairman of the Board of NICIL, said that the company is committed to seeing this process to a resolution. “This has been a very long wait. I have seen letters written starting the process since 1964 in some cases and there were a number of reasons for not completing the process. There was communication and then no communication on both ends and all of that but as a company, we will make contact with you and will ensure that we keep you updated and carry out this process through the end,” he said.

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