‘Hurricane’ waves might be responsible for collapsed koker – Estate Manager


By: Devina Samaroo

The hurricanes churning in the Atlantic Ocean may have created conditions which led to the collapse of the koker door in Meten Meer Zorg, West Coast Demerara (WCD) – according to authorities.

The koker is the property of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) Uitvlugt Estate, and its manager, Yudhisthir Mana told News Room Wednesday night that the structure underwent maintenance up to last week.

Uitvlugt Estate Manager, Yudhisthir Mana

Mana suspected that the koker caved because it could not have endured the brunt of the water pressure, which he suspected was unusually fierce given the hurricanes.

“It’s in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean, so the (koker) is probably feeling the full brunt of the water pressure. The water current is rougher, it’s greater than normal…It’s probably a spill off from (the) hurricane,” he stated.


Water from the ocean began rushing inland after the gate of the koker collapsed around 17:00hrs yesterday, causing residents to become fearful of massive flooding.

However, GuySuCo responded promptly to the situation and up to late last night, works were being undertaken to ensure a temporary structure is erected to prevent water from overflowing from the canal.

Mana promised that by Thursday, authorities would commence works on the construction of a permanent fixture once the tide is out.

Water began surging in from the Atlantic Ocean after the koker door collapsed.

When News Room visited the site last night, there was no immediate threat of flooding as houses were located a great distance away from the sea defence mechanism.

Scores of residents and curious onlookers had flocked the scene to witness water surging in through the opening in the koker.

By then, most of their fears were allayed as trucks began bringing in planks of wood to commence the erection of a temporary solution.

The Estate Manager told News Room that in light of this situation, GuySuCo will be taking steps to reinforce the other sluices under its management.




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