Granger concerned about unprofessionalism in hierarchy of Police Force


President David Granger on Friday expressed grave concerns over the level of unprofessionalism in the hierarchy of the Guyana Police Force (GPF).

“There have been some significant lapses in professionalism at a very high level of the police force. These are matters of concern,” the Commander-in-Chief told reporters on the sideline of an event at the Ramada Princess Hotel.

Many instances of gross misconduct were brought to light during the three-week long Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the alleged plot to assassinate the Head of State.

The findings were officially handed over to the President on August 31 by the Head of the COI, Paul Slowe.

Granger had promised to make the document public soonest but he disclosed today that Cabinet did not get to review its contents as yet.

Notwithstanding his concerns about the “serious deficiencies” in the police force, the President said these revelations can work as a catalyst for much-needed reform.

“The important thing is to ensure that we get information so we can correct faults. It’s not a witch-hunt; we’re trying to make the law enforcement agencies more efficient,” he stated.

During the course of the COI, personality clashes among senior officers and failure by officers to follow standard operating protocols were highlighted.

The COI heard that the Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhum instructed that Nizam Khan – the man who allegedly attempted to hire someone to kill the President – to be released on bail.

The COI also heard that Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud – who was on leave at the time the probe was ongoing – ordered the release of Khan.

Persaud has since admitted that he is acquainted with the brother of the accused, Imran Khan but he denied passing an order, clarifying that he only made a suggestion.

The COI was launched after the President was not satisfied with the progress the Police Force was making in relation to its probe into the alleged plot to assassinate him.

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