Fight over female leaves one critical, 3 houses destroyed in Sophia


By Leroy Smith

Doctors at the Georgetown Public Hospital are battling to save the life of young man, identified as “Alvana,” who was stabbed and chopped several times in Sophia on Sunday morning.

Police are on the hunt for the suspect, identified as “Troy” and several others, who allegedly set three houses on fire in the community.

The News Room was informed that Alvana and Troy recently had a dispute over a young lady in the community, with both of them claiming “ownership” of her. They ended up in a heated argument recently and parted ways after threatening each other.

However, on Sunday morning, the two men saw each other and it is alleged that Troy advanced towards Alvana and stabbed him with a long piece of iron object. Alvana collapsed and Troy allegedly chopped him several times to the head and body.

An angry mob, in support of the victim, went to Troy’s house and set it alight, burning it the ground. They then moved several houses down and set another house on fire where they were told that the suspect was seeking refuge. That house is owned by a man, who residents described as “Short man.”

News Room understands that the injured Alvana tried to stab the suspect with a knife but another young man, identified as Jermaine Durant, took the knife away from him.

That too angered the mob and they chased after Durant, who managed to escape. However, the mob reportedly set Durant’s house on fire as well. The destroyed houses were all erected on the government reserves.

When the News Room visited the community Sunday morning, smoke was still emanating from the properties, even as villagers lined the street, talking about the incident.

News Room understands that “Short man” is in the custody of the police, following reports that he provided refuge to Troy, who remains in hiding.

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