GRA employee relieved of gun, security guard shot


Police are investigating the circumstances in which a 22-year-old security guard of Lower Kara Kara ,Linden was shot on Saturday and is presently hospitalized at Mackenzie Hospital Complex.

According to a police report, prior to the shooting incident, an officer in the employ of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) reported that about 01:15 hrs Saturday morning, he was in company of some relatives standing on the Silver City Road in Linden when he was accosted by a male, who relieved him of his service revolver with five rounds.

Police said he had the gun in his waist in a holster, in public view; the suspect then discharged several rounds and escaped.

The GRA staffer has since been detained. Police on receipt of the report, launched a massive search for the suspect, who was arrested and the firearm along with two spent shells and two live ammunition, were recovered.Investigations are in progress.


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