Camp Street inmates want Steak for breakfast, create ruckus


Several prisoners at the Camp Street prison this morning took it upon themselves to create a ruckus at the “Brick Prisons” after they did not get Steak for breakfast.

Prison Director (ag), Gladwin Samuels informed the media that the situation is under control; he identified the prisoners as those who had initially escaped from the Lusignan Pasture and later recaptured and moved to the Camp Street facility.

Authorities have been struggling to manage prisoners at the penitentiary since it was set on fire on July 9, 2017, resulting in the escape of six high profile inmates. After the prison was destroyed, the inmates were transferred to a swampy pasture next to the Lusignan Prison, however 13 of them later escaped from there. Most were recaptured. (Leroy Smith)

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