Police accused of planting ‘ganja’ on teen


By Leroy Smith

A Mocha Arcadia, East Bank Demerara family is fuming after an 18-year-old male was remanded to prison on Tuesday for the illegal possession of narcotics. The police alleged that more than 30 grams of marijuana were found in a plastic bag in the young man’s pocket.

But the family claimed that the police carried out a search at a shop located at lot 347 1st Street Mocha, which belongs to the teen’s father, when a black bag containing suspected marijuana was found. However, at court yesterday, the police reportedly told the Magistrate that they found the illegal substance in the left pants pocket of the young man.

The relatives believe that the police lied in court so that the young man would not be granted bail. They also claimed that the ranks who executed the search, planted the illegal substance inside the shop.

The family told News Room that at the time of the police search, the young man was wearing a close fitted pants, making it almost impossible for him to conceal bulky plastic bag in his pocket with 30 grams of cannabis.

The operations at the residence all started with the search for a 13-year-old girl from the community who was reported missing and police received information that she was at the premises.

The relatives claimed that the young lady was never there. News Room was however informed that the young man is also under investigation for the rape of the young lady, who has since been found.

“On Saturday the girl was on the road and when she saw the police coming, she ran into our yard and ran in the shop and hide, after the police stopped here, she ran out of the shop and went to the back of the yard where she hid in the bathroom,” one relative told the News Room.

Attorney for the family, Dexter Todd said that he intends to take the matter further and he will be writing the Divisional Commander, Sub Divisional Officer, Police Commissioner and the Police Office of Professional Responsibility.

He said that the police cannot make diary entries of a particular nature and then going to the court and contradicting themselves without any fear of the repercussions. He also pointed to the need for the police to be truthful and act above board when conducting their investigations

The Police Version

Meanwhile, several police ranks, who are familiar with the investigations, explained to News Room that while the police may have made an incorrect diary entry, the ranks are young and may just need some added supervision.

Two other police sources within the division indicated that when the operation was conducted, the senior officers and middle level managers of the division were all in an emergency security meeting with the Commander of the Division.

It was pointed out to the News Room that a relative of the teen, who is also a police rank, reportedly attempted to offer his colleagues $100,000 to release the teenager.

News Room was informed that the police in Mocha have been receiving reports that the residence is a known location for the sale of illicit substance.

The News Room was reliably informed however that the teen’s police relative, who is on vacation, was not arrested or placed under close arrest for either attempting to pervert the course of justice or attempting to bribe a peace officer.

The teenager is slated to return to court in October. His relatives claimed that he was never arrested and is now traumatised.

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