RHTY&SC commissions Patron’s scoreboard, monument


“I am proud to be present here today to commission the 175th Monument and the Patron’s Scoreboard. These projects are signs that your Township is on the move and if the 57 founders of Rose Hall were here today, they would be very proud of how progressive their vision have become.”

Those were the words of President David Granger as he delivered the feature address at the 175th Anniversary of Rose Hall Village at the Area ‘H’ Ground.

The President, who is also the Honorary Patron of Guyana’s leading youth and sports club, the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club (RHTY&SC) MS, unveiled a Monument constructed in memory of the 57 freed slaves, who purchased Rose Hall Village in 1842 from European Planter John Henry Baird. The Monument was a gift to Rose Hall Town from the nine cricket teams of the RHTY&SC, MS.

President Granger also unveiled the Patron’s scoreboard, another project of the RHTY&SC, MS, cricket teams.

The RHTY&SC and its nine cricket teams during the period July to September, 2017, organised a series of activities for President Granger’s 72nd birthday including the Patron’s Greene Economy tournament, the unveiling of the scoreboard, distribution of school bags, exercise books, bicycles and cricket gear.

Club Secretary Hilbert Foster stated that the monument would serve as a permanent reminder to residents of Rose Hall Town of the vision of the 57 founding fathers who laid the foundation for the present generation to build on. The monument was designed by the Rose Hall Town Pepsi Under-19 team and constructed with assistance from the Guyana Prison Service.

The scoreboard was constructed by the cricket teams and was designed by the Farfan & Mendes Under-15 and the Bakewell Under-17 teams. 

Foster stated the RHTY&SC and its cricket teams were proud to call Rose Hall Town home and as such have always worked beyond the call of duty to make a positive difference.

Over the years, apart from its marketing section, social work and charity programmes, the Township has benefitted from a children playfield, small bridges, community centre, all weather court, charity kitchen, three pavillions, benab and restoration of the Lower Corentyne Secondary School.

The scoreboard would be used during cricket matches at the Area ‘H’ Ground and was constructed at the cost of $150,000.

Meanwhile, the RHTY&SC for 2017, as of September 19, completed a total of 525 programmes/activities under a wide range of sub-headings including sports, charity, culture, education, social, economic development, community development, Patron’s fund, coaching and jobs for youths among others.

The club and its nine cricket teams had set itself a target of 500 programmes for 2017, but surpassed that figure on September 1. It has now revised the target to 700 and hopes to surpass that amount by mid-December.

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