GFF Member Associations to receive subvention in 2018


The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) is scheduled to commence the monthly Financial Assistance Programme to Regional Member Associations in January 2018 as the Federation seeks to strengthen their capacity to implement programmes.

This was made known to the Regional Member Associations via correspondence dated September 13, 2017 and follows a decision taken at the GFF’s Ordinary Congress in May 2017 where it was decided that all Associations will receive a monthly subvention of G$50,000.

According to the GFF’s president, the strengthening of good governance structures is key.

Forde said, “Under (FIFA) President (Gianni) Infantino’s leadership, strong emphasis is being placed on the overall Governance of Football globally. While it is also true that the stigma of a pervasive culture of endemic corruption, impropriety and unaccountability looms ominously over Guyana and the wider Football world, my Executive Committee is determined to demonstrate a clear departure from the practices of the past. I remain optimistic that Guyana can lead the rest of the CFU region by implementing with urgency the necessary Governance reforms which will in due course bolster the credibility of Football administration.”  

To access the funds, the GFF has outlined criteria, which the Regional Member Associations must adhere to including: Members must hold monthly meetings and minutes must be submitted; Members must have an active bank account of which the Association’s President is one of the signatories; Members must submit a monthly income and expense report with supporting documents; and Members must submit a monthly activity report. 

To assist this process, the secretariat has provided reporting templates to enable uniformed reporting.

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